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Bobsled is the fastest way to share data to any cloud or platform.

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Figure showing how Bobsled provides data to multiple providers
Showing how Bobsled can deliver data with any cloud, platform, or region.Showing how Bobsled can deliver data with any cloud, platform, or region.

Data sharing made easy

Publish data from any cloud to any destination without having to manage subscriptions or configurations in the destination platform.

Showing Bobsled's control panel for managing data transfers

Your unified control plane

A single platform for managing all aspects of a data sharing: distribution, updates, versioning, entitlements, telemetry, and more.

Showing an example of a data share

A collaborative sharing experience

Enable share recipients to choose the right data, update it at the right time, and deliver it to the right place, all from an intuitive Ul.


All of the control. None of complexity.

A no-code data sharing experience connecting any cloud, platform, or region.

Diagram demonstrating how any source of data can be shared with any destination

Get to value faster.

Sharing data in the cloud can be manual, expensive, slow, and fragile. Bobsled removes the friction from sharing data in the cloud, enabling data teams to focus on value-added work.

Just Bobsled it.


Bobsled removes the friction to share and access data, allowing data teams to experiment with many new perspectives generated outside their organization.

Todd Singleton

Chief Data Officer, Microsoft Azure Global

Our customers are in every cloud and data platform. Meeting them where they are represents one of our largest strategic challenges - Bobsled is solving it.

Lisa Bonalle Hannan

President, Verisk Financial

Bobsled is solving some of the most critical issues that impact data suppliers as they modernize and move to the cloud.

Venkat Varadachary

CEO, Zenon & former EVP/CDAO, Amex


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